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New Product comming soon NetIO Official Date:2023/07/12(Wed) 17:50 No.1335   
GC10next Dual

Re: New Product comming soon - NetIO Official 2023/07/12(Wed) 17:52 No.1336

Re: New Product comming soon - うみほし 2024/02/05(Mon) 09:07 No.1338

Re: New Product comming soon - NetIO Official 2024/02/06(Tue) 14:20 No.1339

Re: New Product comming soon - NetIO Official 2024/03/01(Fri) 07:44 No.1346
Now GC10nextDual is available on Ebay!



Datasheet for RD003 tube Simon Date:2024/02/16(Fri) 22:21 No.1341   
Hello, Is there a datasheet for the new RD003 tube?

Thanks, Simon

Re: Datasheet for RD003 tube - NetIO Official 2024/02/20(Tue) 13:18 No.1342
Hi, this is the datasheet.

Re: Datasheet for RD003 tube - NetIO Official 2024/02/20(Tue) 13:40 No.1343
it seems its written in Russian but we can translate into English by google Lens app.

Re: Datasheet for RD003 tube - NetIO Official 2024/02/20(Tue) 15:32 No.1344
translated in English by Google Lens.

Re: Datasheet for RD003 tube - Simon 2024/02/25(Sun) 17:42 No.1345 ホームページ
Thank you very much! :-)

How to connect to computer to ... jay dubu Date:2023/02/22(Wed) 14:35 No.1326   
Hi, I just received the device. Is there a simple way to connect it to a computer to read the counts (log the Ch1 figures?)

I apologize if this question has already been asked. I connected the USB to my PC but don't know what program to use to read the data.

Re: How to connect to computer... - NetIO Official 2023/02/22(Wed) 16:20 No.1327
The following link is newly developed web based monitoring tool.
it's still development version but enough for functional test and configuration.

it works on WebSerial API supported browser.
Please open with Chrome, Edge or Opera.


Note that WebSerial API is not supported on android Chrome and android Opera.

Re: How to connect to computer... - NetIO Official 2023/02/22(Wed) 16:40 No.1328

If you just want to see and save raw CPM data. you can choose teraterm.
This is simple serial terminal software.


Re: How to connect to computer... - Dirk 2023/08/24(Thu) 04:27 No.1337
There is no "pulse" signal available on the GC10Next ?

GC10の表示について yamanoaa Date:2023/05/27(Sat) 14:07 No.1330   

Re: GC10の表示について - NetIO Official 2023/05/29(Mon) 13:00 No.1331
確認したところ GM管に STS6採用の最終モデルは低感度領域に

Re: GC10の表示について - yamanoaa 2023/05/30(Tue) 10:49 No.1332

Re: GC10の表示について - yamanoaa 2023/05/31(Wed) 10:14 No.1333

Re: GC10の表示について - yamanoaa 2023/06/01(Thu) 12:38 No.1334

Enclosure box data updated! NetIO Official Date:2023/01/26(Thu) 18:31 No.1324   
Updated 3D printed enclosure top cover data.

(1) Changed the simple button hole to living hinge button.
(2) Adjusted LED hole size to fit Tamiya's 2mm dia transparent plastic tube.


Re: Enclosure box data updated... - NetIO Official 2023/01/26(Thu) 18:33 No.1325

The material for light guide tube.


UART specification quinoco rosso Date:2013/05/28(Tue) 22:13 No.410   
English version UART specification is here.


Re: UART specification - quinoco rosso 2013/07/09(Tue) 15:42 No.414
General specification of GC10 unit


Re: UART specification - netio devices 2013/07/27(Sat) 16:26 No.416
schematics of the GC10 to iPhone connection interface


Re: UART specification - netio devices 2013/08/20(Tue) 15:31 No.429
iPhone interface works like this


Re: UART specification - netio 2013/10/08(Tue) 19:31 No.449
Easily available radiation test sources

* Radium ball

* Gas mantle (only traditional type contains thorium)

* Uranium glass

* Thorium welding rod

Re: UART specification - netio devices 2013/10/17(Thu) 20:35 No.452
How to enable bus power driven mode.

Re: UART specification - hr 2014/02/19(Wed) 17:57 No.523
thanks for the info.

Re: UART specification - kinoko 2014/03/07(Fri) 14:19 No.525
manual for plastic case


Re: UART specification - netIO devices 2014/03/12(Wed) 14:23 No.526
Latest firmware source code


Re: UART specification - Martin Moore 2014/12/20(Sat) 01:14 No.575
My GC10 has stopped sending data to the serial port. It no longer seems to be sending the /N command or my program that was working can no longer pick it up. I have checked all my wiring and it is all good.
It was working!
But it is not now.
Any idea?

Re: UART specification - Martin Moore 2014/12/20(Sat) 01:35 No.576
Damn... My mistake. I had an Arduino Mega connected AND I connected the battery. So I suppose I have blown the main chip.
I have ordered another board because I need one. Is there anything I can do with the damaged board?

Re: UART specification - NetIO official 2014/12/22(Mon) 11:46 No.578
I've experienced same mistake in the development and made some BBQed chips.
we should watch out for wrong connection.

Increasing Tube Supply Voltage - martin 2019/03/01(Fri) 19:30 No.1113
Dear Sir,
I want to use a 500 volt pancake style Geiger tube. How can I easily change the voltage on the board to 500 Volts please.
I am not used to programming so some help in this would be very welcome.

We have bought a lot of these NETIO boards and they have proven to be very relaible (ECALOX Ltd and Looking for Heat - UK companies).

Regards - Martin Moore

Re: UART specification - NetIO official 2019/03/03(Sun) 13:44 No.1114
Thank you for purchasing GC10.
Changing voltage is not so complecated.
All you need is update hvg parameter from UART serial line by sending 3 lines command. The procedure is

1) Connect GC10 with PC via UART line using UART-USB converter and make software link with serial terminal software (like teraterm).
2) Then cut&paste following 3 lines on the terminal.

set hvg=68

(Don't forget to send return character on the last "save" command. otherwise it's not saved.)

3) Make sure the voltage with multimeter or oscilloscope with hi-impedance probe (if you had them).
and trim the voltage by adjusting hvg.

This hvg value 68 is for PCB ver 2.5. if you change it on previous version PCB, you have to change this value.

PCB ver
2.5       hvg=68
2.4A or under hvg=87

and we accept special order hvg pre-adjusted (and no tube?) version if you wish. please ask us.

Re: UART specification - Martin Moore 2019/03/11(Mon) 20:16 No.1115
Thank you very much for your help. Programming was very simple. I have your UART interface and it all worked 1st time.
However, we are trying to use a new Geiger tube LND 7312 ( https://www.lndinc.com/products/geiger-mueller-tubes/7312/ )
But the readings are varying wildly across 6 NET-IO boards. We have double checked the programming and the wiring.
Do you have any experience of these Geiger heads and/or do you have any suggestions?

Kind Regards,

Martin Moore

Re: UART specification - kinoko 2019/03/12(Tue) 12:51 No.1116
No wonder. Just took a look at the datasheet. The electrical characteristics of LND7312 is different from sbm-20.
Espcecially "dead time" is signifficantly short, very improved.
it may perhaps need some adjustment of the curcuit parameters on detection part.
GC10's detection curcuit is optimized for SBM-20 which has slow pulse transition.
I assume some amount of detection pulse from LND are filtered as noise by C6. and
the threshold depends on each unit's variation of characteristics. this causes that.

Re: UART specification - NetIO official 2019/03/12(Tue) 16:22 No.1117
Yes, kinoko you've got a good point.
there are 2 adjustment elements to adapt to an another tube.

(1) Make sure the actual generated voltage with multimeter(with hi-impedance probe). and trim hvg value to be most close to 500V.

(2) Find good value combinations of R7, R8 and C6 acquireing waveform of Re-shaped detection signal node (collector of T1). this node's transition should be fast
to reduce "Fold-back effect". This is important matter.

GC10 geiger counter - Ian 2022/09/11(Sun) 04:19 No.1284

Do you have any plans to sell the "GC10 Geiger counter" again? Its considered one of the best available and so I would like to own one as well!


Re: UART specification - NetIO Official 2022/09/12(Mon) 13:19 No.1285
Hi there.
New version will be released on next month.

* Updated with modernized component parts and design.
* Board area 40% reduced.
* Onboard USB I/F.
* Drone payloadable weight (33g without OLED)

Re: UART specification - NetIO Official 2022/09/12(Mon) 13:22 No.1286
1st-gen GC10 and the new GC10.

Re: UART specification - Umbrt 2022/10/31(Mon) 10:07 No.1307
Replaceable with raspberry pi pico W?

Re: UART specification - NetIO Official 2022/10/31(Mon) 15:40 No.1308
Yes. same firmware works on Pico W except the detection LED.
The datasheet says some gpio assignment are changed.

Source code - Simon Robert Wall 2023/01/12(Thu) 22:29 No.1320
I purchased the GC10next for a school project. The unit is very impressive. We plan to use the GC10next to measure radiation on weather balloon flight. We need to log the data from the GC10next and some other sensors during the flight (2-3 hours). Do you plan to release the source code for GC10next Raspberry P Pico. We hope to be able to modify the source code include data logging for the project. Is this possible?
Thanks for your help.

Re: UART specification - NetIO Official 2023/01/13(Fri) 11:02 No.1321
Yes, we have a plan to release GC10next source code on github.
now working on it. Please wait several days.

Re: UART specification - NetIO Official 2023/01/16(Mon) 17:21 No.1322
Temporarily uploaded the source archive file here.


Source code - Simon Robert Wall 2023/01/17(Tue) 22:44 No.1323
Thank you very much for posting the source code!

PIM557 scm Date:2023/01/03(Tue) 16:12 No.1316   
Battery mod by Pimoroni LiPo SHIM

Re: PIM557 - scm 2023/01/03(Tue) 16:21 No.1318
This module works flawlessly with Gc10next!!!

Re: PIM557 - scm 2023/01/04(Wed) 20:13 No.1319


3D printed enclosure NetIO Official Date:2022/11/14(Mon) 14:39 No.1315 ホームページ   
GC10next用 3Dプリント筐体のSTLデータを公開しました。


ケースの3Dプリント用データ NetIO Official Date:2022/11/07(Mon) 16:43 No.1311   
gc10next用の 筐体ケースの3Dプリント用データができつつあります。
来週あたり Thingiverse あたりにSTLファイルをアップロードする予定。

Re: ケースの3Dプリント用データ - NetIO Official 2022/11/07(Mon) 16:45 No.1312
テストのため 底箱と上蓋の色変えて印刷してます。素材も違ったりします。上蓋PLA 下蓋PETG

Re: ケースの3Dプリント用データ - NetIO Official 2022/11/07(Mon) 16:48 No.1313
なんのひねりもないデザインなのですが 抜きテーパーが無いからなのか 逆に新鮮な感じがします。

Re: ケースの3Dプリント用データ - NetIO Official 2022/11/07(Mon) 17:03 No.1314

GM管の動作電圧について たたみ Date:2022/10/27(Thu) 14:46 No.1298   


Re: GM管の動作電圧について - NetIO Official 2022/10/27(Thu) 15:27 No.1301


147Vしか出てないのではなく テスター自身が負荷になってしまい 147Vに下げています。それをテスターが測ってます。


適切に測るには 添付回路図のような 1/100インピーダンス変換器を通してテスターやオシロで測るか

Re: GM管の動作電圧について - たたみ 2022/10/27(Thu) 22:16 No.1306

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